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Welcome to a very special edition of my Eco-Insanity Log. It contains a rarity: an update to a prior post! I don’t think I’ve ever written an update before . . . I just don’t have that kind of

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TRUST: Halloween Edition

I’m old enough to remember (yes, kids, it is one of those stories) many Halloweens when a grandmotherly neighbor handed out homemade popcorn balls to the trick-or-treaters fortunate enough to land on her doorstep. If you were smart, you showed up early, just as the sun began

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Top Ten

Overhead Light Fixture with Many Bulbs

Today, I offer you….a more DIY sort of Top Ten list for eco-friendlier living.

I know. I should’ve warned you to sit down or brace yourself. Because I’ve pontificated long and often about my disdain for “Top Ten to Save Earth” sorts

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