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The Thanksgiving holiday inspires me to remember all I’m grateful for—as it does for a lot of us. I tend to go overboard, making a monumental list as if I’d be jinxing some good thing if I left it off. It’s my personal kick-off to the holiday madness, I suppose. This year, I’m vowing to keep it simple, get a calmer start, stay focused: I’m grateful for LIFE.

This time last year, I was in the midst of chemo treatments—the success of which is still utterly unknown. I was terrified I’d be leaving this life before I got to see my children fully grown. I was frantic about money and not feeling well enough to do much work. I chastised myself for not working on creative endeavors in all that “free time” I had.

Now here I am, a year later, ALIVE. Not to say all those other issues have been resolved, or that I gave up worry for good. Worry and I have a complicated relationship, the ins and outs of it too sordid for this particular message. But I’ve decided to take the KISS* route and focus on the big picture: I am so thankful to be alive.


*KISS=Keep It Simple, Stupid

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