My deep love of Earth, as well as desperate hope for a sustainable future for my children, fuel my passion for responding to the eco-crises of our time with wisdom, heart, hope, and snarky humor. I write and speak to share my experiences on the razor’s edge between Earth-mindfulness and eco-madness, not because I’ve got it all figured out, but in solidarity with anyone else who’s fumbling along the path of more caring and conscientious living.

I draw from my experience as a geologist, environmental law attorney, small business owner, spiritual practitioner, and mother to claw my way out of the abyss of eco-despair. I seek solace from the sages in Nature who reveal the wisdom I need to navigate a more Earth-loving path.

I credit the Modern Day Priestess program, a training in ancient wisdom ways for practical use in the modern world, for inspiring the spiritual growth that now guides my “Love Earth” work.

I reside in Los Angeles, where I take copious yoga classes, dig up the yard and throw a lot of darts as therapy. I facilitate the Natural Muse Meetup for Earth-loving writers. I serve on the Board of Directors of the North East Trees nonprofit organization, “bringing Nature back” to nature-poor communities around Los Angeles County.

My book, Love Earth Now, won a 2018 Silver Nautilus Book Award.

I share a home with my husband (aka my Sanity Supervisor) and  children, my muse, Atlas Cedar, and three cats who care not one whit about any of my credentials.

My resume is here.

We came here to play, full out, with everything on the line.

Love Earth Now: Interview with Author, Cheryl Leutjen

Interview with Cheryl Leutjen, author of Love Earth Now. Not another “Top Ten for the Planet” list, Love Earth Now is your go-to guide for discovering what you can do to effect meaningful change.

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