May 7, 2020

“Eco-Mindfulness for Difficult Times”
Featuring: Cheryl Leutjen

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“Today’s guest is Cheryl Leutjen – Cheryl’s deep love of Earth, as well as her hope for a bright future for her children, inspire her to write and speak about responding to the challenges of our time with heart, hope, humor, and spiritual practice. She is the author of Love Earth Now, a Silver Nautilus Book Award winner, which is a collection of her own stories and struggles to  and live more eco-mindfully.”

March 20, 2020
“Meet the Author: Cheryl Leutjen”

Today we travel to Los Angeles to chat with Cheryl Leutjen about how being an environmental law attorney, writing in nature, trees, blogging, throwing darts, composting, conversations inspired by a dead bush, and a train ride come together as part of Cheryl’s past and current life.

March 2020

The Big Melt Podcast

Episode 4: On the Grill

The Big Melt Podcast

“It’s easy to see why some people just ignore the climate crisis. Actively engaging with it all the time is really – really hard. You can end up feeling like you’re doing something wrong just by being a person. So, today, instead of curling up into a little ball and vowing to only eat twigs we figure out how to approach eating responsibly, learn the merits of munching insects, give ourselves a bit of a cosmic hug with Cheryl and bust our climate myth of the week: “Plants and animals can adapt to climate change”. “

December 17, 2019

Interview on the “Art of Attention” podcast

With host Daron Larson.
Listen on Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher (episode 5) and iTunes.

“Cheryl Leutjen cares deeply about the future of our planet. But like the rest of us, she often feels overwhelmed by the scope of our environmental challenges and a sense of powerless in the face of so much uncertainty. In her book, Love Earth Now: The Power of Doing One Thing Every Day, she uses humor and candor to inspire others to steer toward personal engagement and sustainable hope. In this conversation, Cheryl shares some of the ways she’s found to approach the challenges of “eco-madness” more mindfully — not to prescribe how others should respond, but to invite each of us to find immediately doable ways to contribute to the sustainable wellbeing of the earth for future generations.”

November 12, 2019

Getting to Know Cheryl Leutjen

by Julie Peters

S&H Staff Writer Julie Peters and author Cheryl Leutjen explore ways to connect with and honor the natural environment while managing the stress of living in what sometimes feels like environmental apocalypse.

What advice do you give to someone who is feeling distressed about the environmental future?  

Cheryl: I hear you. I am apoplectic myself. There are days when I consider picking myself up off the floor to be a monumental success.” Read more . . .

May 27, 2019

Interview on “Out of the Box” podcast with host Rosie Tran.

“Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews environmentalist and author of “Love Earth Now” Cheryl Leutjen (@LoveEarthNow). Cheryl is a former attorney turned writer and environmentalist. Cheryl discussed the greatest issue of our modern World, Global Warming. Her book offers practical tips and stories about how we can live a more Earth and nature-centered life. We all must take steps on a daily basis to help solve the major environmental issues of our day.”

May 8, 2019

“What are You Reading?”
Interview with the Well Seasoned Librarian

Interview with Psychologist, Spiritual Practitioner, and Author, Dr. Davina Kotulski.


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