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March Eco-Madness

Love Earth Now at Vroman's

My favorite locally-owned bookstore just happens to sit next to my favorite movie theater. It’s a match made in heaven for me—and a time-and-money sinkhole from my husband’s perspective. I can catch the latest blockbuster or an

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Announcing the Waste-Less Holiday Special: the Love Earth Now Gift Pack

LIMITED TIME OFFER: the waste-less holiday special, the LOVE EARTH NOW GIFT PACK, is available through December 20.

Each Gift Pack includes one hand-crafted bookmark, a gift tag with the giver’s and recipient’s names, and one signed copy of Love Earth Now, wrapped in your choice of: 1) brown, compostable paper, 2) 100% recyclable wrapping paper OR (3) reusable fabric.

Just $25 (PayPal), includes Priority Mail postage (US/Canada), mailed directly to your friend, colleague or loved one

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 “So it’s come to this,” I mutter as I dumpster dive into the recycle bin. I’m digging out any scrap of paper with enough white space that I can write on. Because this is a note to myself,
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Sitting at a sun-bleached table in an urban garden, notebooks and laptops spread between us, Caroline and I commiserate over recent chaos. Cars breaking down, reliable people flaking, confirmed gigs falling through . .

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