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Announcing the Waste-Less Holiday Special: the Love Earth Now Gift Pack

LIMITED TIME OFFER: the waste-less holiday special, the LOVE EARTH NOW GIFT PACK, is available through December 20.

Each Gift Pack includes one hand-crafted bookmark, a gift tag with the giver’s and recipient’s names, and one signed copy of Love Earth Now, wrapped in your choice of: 1) brown, compostable paper, 2) 100% recyclable wrapping paper OR (3) reusable fabric.

Just $25 (PayPal), includes Priority Mail postage (US/Canada), mailed directly to your friend, colleague or loved one

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 “So it’s come to this,” I mutter as I dumpster dive into the recycle bin. I’m digging out any scrap of paper with enough white space that I can write on. Because this is a note to myself,
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Sitting at a sun-bleached table in an urban garden, notebooks and laptops spread between us, Caroline and I commiserate over recent chaos. Cars breaking down, reliable people flaking, confirmed gigs falling through . .

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20180623_073347 (3)

Dropping our bags, we free our feet from shoe prisons and survey the room. Beige walls, tan carpet, white sheets. Nice, nice, we say, patting the beds and looking for open outlets.  We espy a small balcony through the slats of the window blinds and hope for a glimpse of the final rays of the day.

We swing open the back door, then fall back on our heels, blasted

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