Coral reefs dying, giant garbage patches in the ocean, permafrost and ice sheets melting, butterflies and frogs disappearing from the planet, oceans warming and acidifying, bark beetles and raging wildfires destroying forests, bigger and bigger super storms. . . 

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There’s no end to heartbreaking news about our planet, and I felt helpless to do anything about it.

No hope in sight, I succumbed to a myriad of ready distractions, from sitcoms to shoe sales to sangria. Do anything to tune out the anguish of witnessing the escalating assault on our beautiful planet home.

Then I started writing. Now I share, with humble and sometimes comedic candor, my experiences on the razor’s edge between Earth-mindfulness and eco-madness. Not because I’ve got it all figured out, but in solidarity with anyone else who’s wondering what on Earth any of us can do that will make a difference.

How do YOU deal with all the bad news about the Earth we know and love? Let’s connect and aid each other in discovering what each of us can do that will make a meaningful contribution at this time of great eco-upheaval.


The Love Earth Now: Not-fit-For-Print Edition blog chronicles the self-inflicted torture I endure as I stumble along the fine line between Earth-loving intentions and eco-madness.

Love Earth Now book

Love Earth Now: The Book includes LOVE EARTH INVITATIONS, simple and immediate exercises to prompt each of us to explore our own feelings and calls to action.


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Love Earth Now: Etsy Shop features signed copies of the book wrapped in reused/reusable and compostables materials, along with other handmade things made with natural elements.


Tree with meditative mask

Treat yourself to this guided meditation, an opportunity to go deeper into your exploration. Get comfortable and breathe deeply. Entrust your eco-well-being unto your heart and soul. Press Play.


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EARTH is the place.

The time is NOW.

Love is the HOW.

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  • This is me NOW Cheryl!!! I think Im driving my family bananas storing recyclables in every cabinet awaiting projects that never require there use, paper plate or use water and wash the dish? etc..etc..etc…cant wait to read!!!

    • I hear you, Tanita! The “Love Earth Invitations” in the book are designed to help us all make Earth-loving decisions with a little more clarity and a lot less guilt. Happy reading!

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