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“Cheryl was everything our University had hoped for and more. She delivered a thought-provoking, laughter-filled hour of insightful and thoughtful lessons on how each of us can come to terms with our changing planet. Cheryl is a natural speaker and really had the audience in the palm of her hand. Fantastic! Our Faculty and Students couldn’t have been happier.” ~Dean Jones, Director of Library Services at Alliant University, San Francisco


  • “Saving our One Earth: Discover What You Can Do”: one-hour keynote with optional one-hour workshop
  • “Nature is Speaking. Are We Listening?”: one-hour keynote with optional half-day workshop
  • “Discovering Your Personal Call to Planetary Action”: one-hour or half-day workshop
  • My Earth Canvas: two-hour creative workshop for adult or children


“Cheryl presented a warm, insightful and humorous look into Life and the challenges we all encounter trying to love Earth and being better stewards of our environment.” ~Kathryn M., Santa Barbara, CA

Sample Client List

  • Alliant International University, San Francisco
  • Throop Unitarian Universalist Church, Pasadena
  • Living Earth Center, Mankato, MN
  • Santa Barbara Woman’s Club, Santa Barbara, CA

    “Cheryl Leutjen is the best spokesperson for Earth one hopes to find. Not only is she informed about her subject, her knowledge also comes from intuition and from a place deep in her heart.” ~Aliete G., Los Angeles, CA

    Sample Publications

  • Love Earth Now, Mango Publishing, 2019.
  • “Mother Nature is My Writing Mentor.” Women’s National Book Association—San Francisco chapter, January 2019.
  • A Natural Epiphany.” Earth Almanac, Living Earth Center, Feb. 27, 2019. Natural Epiphany.

Sample Podcast Interview

Interview on “Out of the Box” podcast with host Rosie Tran.


Cheryl Leutjen’s deep love of Earth, as well as her hope for a bright future for her children, fuel her passion for helping us all to respond to the ecological upheavals of our time with heart, hope, humor, and spirituality. She aims not to lecture but to inspire and engage all of us to discover what we have the ability, time, and interest to do that will effect positive change. She shares her experiences on the razor’s edge between Earth-mindfulness and eco-madness to inspire all who seek to make a meaningful contribution. She draws from her vast life experience as a geologist, environmental law attorney, spiritual practitioner, wife and mother to offer a unique perspective of our place in this moment in time. She shares insights from the sages in Nature which reveal the wisdom we need to navigate a more Earth-loving path.

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