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Writing Assignment: TRIGGERED.

“Write about something you do well.”

I’m incensed. My heart pounds, my face flushes and steam pours out of my ears, cartoon style. Of all the asinine writing prompts, this one infuriates me like finding another effing phone book on my door step.

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Toasted Intentions.

bread crust with heart shape cut from middle

After a week of travels, blissful sloth, and eating whatever we found along the road, I woke up this morning determined to Do Better. Be a light in this troubled world! I recommitted to honoring all my Good Intentions. I vowed to stop overlooking the many eco-travesties I commit in the

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A woman was ranting out in the middle of my street this morning

You may be surprised to learn that it was not me.

I sure was.

I spotted her at the bottom of our hill, waving her arms and hollering, as soon as I

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Blurred image of a plastic prescription bottle.

Welcome to a very special edition of my Eco-Insanity Log. It contains a rarity: an update to a prior post! I don’t think I’ve ever written an update before . . . I just don’t have that kind

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