Box of Toilet Paper from Who Gives A Crap

I suddenly feel like one of the wealthiest people in the world. I’m sitting, literally and figuratively, on a case of 48 rolls of toilet paper. Never thought I’d be so excited about toilet paper—even though I have been known to get pretty worked up about some strange things. Ask me about my compost heap.

Before this order arrived, I was already fired up about supporting Who Gives A Crap, the maker of this fine tp. I initially signed up for the deliveries because, not only is this toilet paper tree-free, but it’s shipped with zero plastic packaging. Sure, I could find 100% recycled toilet paper in the local stores—encased in a wad of plastic—something I’m making a concerted effort to avoid. With middling success, but the intention is there.

Yes, finding storage for those 48 rolls, the minimum order, was a challenge but sacrifices must be made for Earth! And also for the 40% of the world’s people who lack access to clean water and toilets. Who Gives a Crap donates 50% of their profits—almost $2 million to date—to nonprofits building sanitation facilities. Each purchase was already a win-win-win, from my perspective.

And now it’s a freaking bonanza. Funny how quickly our perspectives are changing right now, huh?

I feel almost hoardish for this wealth of toilet paper, when my own neighbors are posting pics of empty shelves at local stores. I’ve posted an offer to share in the local Facebook group. And still. . .  I struggle to process the more serious ways people are being harmed, financially and emotionally, by this pandemic.

Is sharing toilet paper the best that I can do? What more can I give? How can I be of service? I’m seeing more and more posts asking these kinds of questions, and maybe that’s the one saving grace of this crisis. More of us reaching out to neighbors and our local communities to meet our needs, rather than nameless people slaving away in far-flung manufacturing plants. As best we can, without congregating or hugging.

It is a challenge for sure; it means re-thinking everything. But something tells me this is an essential exercise, that even greater challenges lie ahead, as the climate crisis continues to unfold. May we learn something about adapting, about caring and about appreciating all that we’ve still got.

How are YOU responding to the closures, the distancing and the uncertainty? Let’s share: on Facebook or email me. We need each other more than ever.

Just . . . at a safe distance.

Be well, Earth lovers.

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