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The Art of Attention Podcast, Daron Larson, host

“Cheryl Leutjen Loves Our Only Earth Right Now”

Interview with Daron Larson
The Art of Attention Podcast / Episode 5

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I want you to know that I share this link with considerable apprehension. I cringe at the sound of my own voice—hearing myself utter just one misspoken word can flatten me like Wile E. Coyote after the steam roller. So I procrastinate listening to my own interviews the same way I put off cleaning the shower drain. It’s just too awful to consider on most days.

This particular interview posted two months ago, and I found infinite reasons throughout the holidays—which now extend through the Super Bowl—to put off listening to it. So much going on! Why ruin my good holiday mood by hearing myself blather on?

Imagine my pleasant surprise, then, when I finally listed to this conversation with Daron Larson, for “The Art of Attention” podcast. I enjoyed listening so much, in fact, that I even learned a thing or two. That’s because it’s more of a discussion than an interview, a friendly chat with a fellow wanderer I just happened to meet while stumbling along the path of learning to live this life.

I found myself so interested in Daron Larson’s insights all over again that I took notes—including some about my own book. Funny what an astute reader can find in the writing that this author totally missed. Clearly, I have more to learn about the art of attention.

Okay, I know there are a million podcasts out there. I get deer-in-headlights frozen trying to pick through the multitudes when I look for one to follow. So, you’re welcome, I’m sparing you the frustration of digging for that mindful needle in the haystack of chaos.

Check out, not just this interview, but every episode of The Art of Attention podcast. Each is designed to help us strengthen our attention skills in an ever-more distracting world. Who couldn’t use more of that right now?

The Art of Attention Episode #5: Cheryl Leutjen Loves Our Only Earth Right Now | NPR station WCBE 90.5FM

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