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Good to the last . . .

In another installment in my ever-so-scintillating #useitup campaign, I summoned the will to dig out the last serving from the old peanut butter jar today. Please, hold your applause.

This jar has been languishing for months, with just a

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One of the singular joys of getting older (or not) is the sudden accumulation of cheery white-hatted, amber-orange pill bottles. What used to make a rare appearance, one bottle here or there, after a dental surgery, say, now piles up like candy wrappers on Halloween night.

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Doing some website cleanup work today, I stumbled across the essay below which I wrote last year. Though the calendar says today is April 27, my musings about starting a new year seem apropos. Because all of those “resolutions, intentions and wild

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Use-It-Up Campaign

The peas in this half-empty bag, left by a former roommate, were pretty shriveled when I sawzall-ed it out of the encrusted freezer. I confess I was tempted to toss them straight in the compost bin. Easy peasy (pun intended).

But then

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Meet The Author.

What does your ideal writing space look like?

My laptop currently rests on an Army-green picnic table covered in graffiti, some faded and some so recent I had to check for wet paint before sitting. Surrounded by towering trees, the table perches

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