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Box of Toilet Paper from Who Gives A Crap

I suddenly feel like one of the wealthiest people in the world. I’m sitting, literally and figuratively, on a case of 48 rolls of toilet paper. Never thought I’d be so excited about toilet paper—even though I have been

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The Blank Page.

It’s a new year, and turning over the cover of that 2020 calendar is as daunting as facing the dreaded blank page—if you’re a writer, anyway. Something as innocuous as an empty Word doc can take out the most seasoned of us. That maddening blink, blink, blink

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“Just a few hours of reading about the ruination of our oceans, and I’m tempted to take Tina Fey’s lead. Head to the local bakery for an extended episode of “sheet caking.” Support a local business, she suggests, request frosting in the colors of an American flag for patriotism, and

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Love Earth Now gives to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. Image by John Spencer.

The news of ever-more devastating wildfires has been weighing on me like the neighbor’s St. Bernard who used to tackle the forty-pound kid I once was. One enormous paw

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