Doing some website cleanup work today, I stumbled across the essay below which I wrote last year. Though the calendar says today is April 27, my musings about starting a new year seem apropos. Because all of those “resolutions, intentions and wild schemes” that I made for this particular new year? Out the window. And not (only) because I blew the diet.

No, the coronavirus garners the credit for cratering so many of the grand plans I laid for 2020—aka my “Year of 2020 Vision!” So, now seems like a good time to turn to a blank page. Begin again.

That said, it seems an impossible task, not knowing when or if or how we will fire the economic engines back up. Even so, I’m learning—as we all are—to accomplish, connect and even grocery shop in new ways, and that smacks of a “new year” to me. And I still have all those lovely pens, stencils, stamps and journals to play with.

And best of all, I have time. Dear me, I have more time now than I’ve had since those eternal summer vacations from school, waaaay back before the Internet. Does anyone else remember reading cereal boxes for entertainment?

If you’re feeling the urge to re-imagine this year, I invite you to check out this essay. And then dive into your own version of honoring the “new year” in which we find ourselves. Let me know how it goes.

Source: Earth Almanac, Living Earth Center newsletter, February 2019

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