Love Earth Now . . . Where Did That Come From?

I was interviewed recently and the first question asked me how I got inspired to write my book, Love Earth Now. It made me stop and consider. Truth is, I never intended to write a book until I was nearly finished with it. Even then, Brenda Knight of Mango Publishing had to convince me that my crazy collection of stories could even be considered a “book.”

There’s a much longer, blah blah blah, version of it all in the Introduction to the book. This interview, however, forced me to write a more concise answer, which I copied here, if you’re curious.

“What really inspired you to write your book, to force you from taking an idea or experience and conveying it into a book? My own paralyzing anguish over the assaults on the well-being of our planet inspired me to start writing. Reading about the disastrous effects of a warming planet left me curled up in a fetal position, fearing the dystopian future my children (and someday grandchildren) might know. I started writing as therapy, a way to process my own emotions. Somewhere along the way, I found humor creeping in, and that relieved so much of the heaviness. Eventually, hope found its voice and landed on the page. That’s when I realized that there might be something in my writing that could be shared.”

Want to read the rest of the interview? It’s here on Book Marketing Buzz blog, a site I just discovered and wish I’d known about when I began this journey . . .

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