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Handsome is ever on the watch.

Juggling my hefty backpack on one hip and my over-stuffed, over-body bag on the other—my chiropractor would be appalled—I’m two blocks away when I hear him crying after me. After bobbing and weaving to balance my baggage, I manage to turn around. I am relieved to

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Your Invitation is Here.

Each chapter in Love Earth Now concludes with a “Love Earth Invitation,” written cues for each of us to explore and discover our unique calls to planetary action. Now you can put down the book or e-reader and allow my voice to be your guide. Here you’ll find a recorded Invitation which offers you the opportunity to go deeper into your exploration. Get comfortable and breathe deeply. Entrust your eco-well-being unto your heart and soul. Press Play.

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Happy Sauntering!

The Fine Art of Sauntering.

Today is World Sauntering Day, a fact I discovered quite by serendipity. I woke up with that panicked realization that today is Wednesday, nearly halfway through the week and I’ve accomplished exactly zero of my ambitious goals for the week. Though I’ve been cutting back on caffeine (much as

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My daughter, my youngest, graduates high school in 23 days. Not that I’m counting (ha!). The swirl of emotions I feel nearly knocks me down on an hourly basis. That probably explains how I came spilling down the spiral staircase last week. I’m bruised (and ego-bruised), but otherwise okay.

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Just One Question.

EatMoney.jpgI have just one question today. Which feels liberating, quite frankly, given my usual internal interrogation. Can I really call myself an Earth lover if I’ve never. . . ? Do my children remember the time that I . . . Where did I get the idea that a person my

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