Episode 1: Reducing Food Waste

Americans waste approximately 108 billion pounds of food each year! All that lost food costs us money, time, resources like water and fertilizers to grow the food—plus all the emissions from producing, transporting and landfilling that wasted food.

We know how easy it is to forget the bounty in the refrigerator and cabinets…until it’s too late.

What can we do in our kitchens to reduce the amount of food we waste?

In this episode, we share ideas about purchasing, storing, using and remembering to use the food we bring into our kitchens.

What ideas do you have for reducing food waste? Let us know:

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Your Hosts:

Cheryl Leutjen, freelance writer, speaker and author of Love Earth Now, https://cherylleutjen.com/

Christy Bell, founder of Spoil Me Fresh, http://www.spoilmefresh.net/

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Want more ideas? Check out these resources:

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