Earthy Kitchen Chats: Why Are We Here?

Welcome to Episode Zero of EARTHY Kitchen Chats. Real conversations about making Earth-friendlier choices in our favorite place to gather: THE KITCHEN.

Do you get tripped up trying to do the Earth-friendly thing in the kitchen?

We do, too. Let’s chat about ways to make more sustainable and realistic choices without going broke…

. . . . . . . or batshit.

Grab a cup and pull up a chair.

In this inaugural episode, your co-hosts, Cheryl Leutjen and Christy Bell, share a bit about ourselves and also why we started this podcast.

What ideas do you have for reducing food waste? Let us know!

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Your Hosts:

Cheryl Leutjen, freelance writer, speaker and author of Love Earth Now,

Christy Bell, founder of Spoil Me Fresh,

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