Want to connect with other Earth lovers in mindfulness?

If you’re in or near the Pasadena, California area, consider joining the Earthkind Mindfulness Meetup. Co-facilitated by Cheryl, it’s a monthly Meetup where all are invited to explore and meditate in a supportive, communal atmosphere in support of each other and the beautiful planet we call home.


Meditating in mindfulness helps us to live in the present moment, to see what is important, and to break down the boundaries that separate us from other beings and the rest of Earthkind. We begin our monthly gatherings with thirty minutes of silent meditation followed by a time of personal sharing, readings, discussion, and potluck food in a community of friends. Each gathering is aimed toward renewing our connection to the Earth with compassion for all life in a spirit of thanksgiving for her many gifts.

Earth says hello . . .

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