Wielding my trusty Xacto knife like a sword, this brave knight clad in a suit of, well, pajamas, plunges it deep into the seam of the smooth white box. Pulling it down that crevice between the box side and the insert with such precision that it resembles a surgeon’s incision. In my own mind, that is. I do aim to be delicate. I’m determined to revamp this beautiful Apple MacBook box for beneficial reuse.

I confess that I’m in love with Apple boxes. Not that I’m a user. It’s not that I have anything against Apple products; in fact, I admire their commitment to environmental responsibility. That said, I’m just an old PC hound who can’t seem to master MacOS. So I rely on my children, friends and Buy Nothing community to satisfy my Apple Box obsession.

I know, you might be thinking of that meme where old people are ruminating, “but it’s such a GOOD box.” Yeah, that’s so not me. I’m quite the box snob, actually. I do enjoy a good reuse as much as any eco-nut. But I’m also sufficiently anti-clutter that I only save the very best made boxes like these MacBook gems.

How do I love thee, Apple box? Let me count the ways:

  1. The surface is so smooth to the touch that stroking it calms me down when I’m ranting.
  2. The pure white color reminds me that there is still good in the world.
  3. The strength of construction means that its longevity warrants inclusion in my will. Can we really say that about an ordinary corrugated cardboard box?

I could go on, but I sense you’re getting restless. Suffice to say that I am deeply devoted to my box conversion effort here today. The insert in which the laptop once nestled doesn’t suit my reuse plans; hence, my effort to remove it with the Xacto knife. The box is indeed so well constructed that it takes some force, but each clean slice fills me with joy akin to removing mold from my favorite cheese.

Would any of this be possible if a MacBook came encased in a plastic abomination? I think not. Kudos, Apple Inc. This insert I’m removing is made of molded fibers, and the company reports the majority of their packaging is now fiber-based. And still, Apple boxes are so well-loved that they recently inspired a Twitterstorm. A recent post inspired 54,000 retweets and 690,000 likes, thousands sharing why they keep their Apple boxes. #TeamKeepTheBox.

Heh heh, you thought it was just me, raving yet again about something as mundane as bread crusts. Not this time!

The insert finally breaks free, and I slump back in my chair, in wonder. Oh, but excuse me! The doorbell just rang, and I’m eager to answer it. One of my Buy Nothing peeps is bringing me a fresh, new MacBook box. This may be more excitement than I can handle in one day. Deep breaths….

Source for Twitter stats: Vice News

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