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As the emails inviting me to events and interviews pile up, the insanity of celebrating our one Earth just one day a year strikes me as ridiculous as limiting myself to a single kernel of popcorn per movie. As if I could! Seriously, folks, where would we be without the breathable air, drinkable water, and comfortable climate that our Earth provides? Silly question, I know, and yet giving thanks for all that sustains us seems like a lot to pile onto a single day. I can barely get my shoes tied and the laundry done.

My personal practice this month is to give thanks for fresh water whenever I take a drink of it. When I remember, anyway, because I’m so in the habit of taking it for granted. When a server asks what I’m drinking, why do I say “Just water?” As if apologizing for not being more creative — or too cheap to plunk down $15 for a craft cocktail. Which, by the way, I definitely am.

Just water.” How crazy does that sound when the hurricane hits or the wildfire rages or the bombs drop? Suddenly, we’re clearing the shelves at Costco like it’s Black Friday and our lives depend on getting that new TV for half off. Which, by the way, they do not.

Access to potable water means life or death for every living creature on this planet. So how about we not keep polluting our precious supplies with pesticides, factory farm runoff, and fracking? But that’s a rant for another day. For now, I’ll appreciate my ready access to fresh water, instead of waiting for another disaster to land.

Speaking of rants, your reward for sticking with this long tirade is this news. You’re the first to know the title of my new book, coming out late this fall:

And Other Horrible Thoughts
on the Brink of an Eco-Apocalypse

Much more on that later, but, yeah, I’ve got some anger issues to explore. Who doesn’t, these days? And if you don’t, I’ll have what you’re having.

Finally, if you’re local, come see me at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at the University of Southern California campus this coming weekend! The new book cover will be revealed there AND you’ll get a free gift from me if you do…more on that below.How will you celebrate our one Earth this month? Let me know.  

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PS For a powerful demonstration of humans standing up for, respecting and honoring our Earth, I recommend seeing “The End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock,” by producer/director Shannon Kring.

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