Love Earth Now: the Book

Do you wonder what on Earth you can do about the dire environmental challenges of our time? Do you wish you could do something to make a difference, but doubt you have the time, energy, money or power?

Love Earth Now is your go-to guide for discovering what you can do to effect meaningful change, starting right now.

Author Cheryl Leutjen’s book of planetary self-help is a deeply thoughtful, often neurotic, and sometimes comedic exploration of her own efforts to make an eco-contribution. When all her years of education and endless internet searches fail to illuminate, she heads into Nature where she discovers the wisdom that inspires a more Earth-loving path.

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 What You’ll Learn Inside:
  • Discover your own path to living more earth-conscientiously without going crazy
  • Discover what you have the time, talents and resources to do to care for Earth
  • Practice healthier ways to process the environmental devastations in the world

Each chapter concludes with a “Love Earth Invitation,” a simple and immediate exercise to prompt you to explore your own feelings and calls to action. These eco-mindfulness moments provide the opportunity to reflect and discover what you can do right now that will mean more to the world than all that power and influence can buy.