Opening the mailbox on my birthday, I am pleased to find my latest Mighty Fix. I never thought I’d be so excited about getting a cleaning product in the mail. It’s the surprise of this monthly subscription that makes it fun, never knowing exactly what eco-friendly gem will show up in my mailbox each month. Making it fun is the only way I get any housecleaning done anyway. Have I told you about my emu mating dance?*

Now, I know we can’t shop our way out of the climate crisis—or any other, for that matter (sorry, struggling retailers). Not that I haven’t given it my best shot already. And I’m not deluding myself to believe that using this non-toxic cleaner will save us humans from eco-annihilation.

But I do feel good about supporting small businesses that offer products that I use that respect the precious environment that sustains life as we know it. And feeling good is essential if I want to pick myself up off the floor every now and again. Reading too much news does that to me.

But not today! I’m eco-armed and ready to tackle the mushrooming mess in my kitchen. Me and the spirit of the mating emu. Thank you, Mighty Nest, for inspiring this rare burst of homemakery.

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