Wielding my trusty Xacto knife like a sword, this brave knight clad in a suit of, well, pajamas, plunges it deep into the seam of the smooth white box. Pulling it down that crevice between the box side and the insert with such precision that it resembles a surgeon’s incision. In my own mind, that is. I do aim to be delicate. I’m determined to revamp this beautiful Apple MacBook box for beneficial reuse. I confess that I’m in love with Apple boxes. Not that I’m a user. It’s not that I have anything against Apple products; in fact, I admire their commitment to environmental responsibility. That said, I’m just an old PC hound who can’t seem to master MacOS. So I rely on my children, friends and Buy Nothing community to satisfy my Apple Box obsession. I know, you might be thinking of that meme where old people are ruminating, “but it’s such a GOOD box.” Yeah, that’s so not me. I’m quite the box snob, actually. I do enjoy a good reuse as much as any eco-nut. But I’m also sufficiently anti-clutter that I only save the very best made boxes like these MacBook gems. How do I … Continue reading Obsession.