Modern Day Priestess


MePrayerCloseupI am a Modern Day Priestess, certified by the Institute of Modern Wisdom.

What does it mean to be a Modern Day Priestess?

The Modern Day Priestess training transcends the specific beliefs and practices of historical traditions while engaging and activating the Wisdom that underlies every religious order and spiritual practice. It does not signify the attainment of Enlightenment or withdrawal from the world to meditate in a cave.  It does mean a making commitment to a path of Reverence and Devotion and Service.  Each priestess (and, for men, Alchemist) expresses this commitment in her/his own unique way.

I embraced the Modern Day Priestess training after my mother suddenly transitioned in 2009. I felt lost. I felt helpless to fill that gaping hole I felt, both for myself and also for my young children. As it always is in times of great change, the door was open. The MDP training gave me the tools, the practice and the confidence to step through it. I emerged with a greater sense of knowing my Self, my Life Purpose and the Wisdom and Benevolence of the Universe than I ever had known possible.


In my work as a Modern Day Priestess, I offer the following:

  • Shamanic Breath session, 60 minutes

The joy that is your Divine birthright is as close as your next breath.

$66 weekdays (8 to 2pm) in my space or by phone

$99 weeknights, weekends in your space

  • Personal Affirmative Prayer Session, 20 minutes

Every prayer is answered, and every thought is a prayer. By donation; $22 suggested (by phone)

Call 818-398-4995 or email to schedule an appointment. 

Mention the “Love Earth” code to receive a 20% discount on your first appointment.

What is the Institute of Modern Wisdom?

The mission of the Institute of Modern Wisdom is to provide a life-transforming atmosphere for individuals to know more of their Authentic Selves as Peace, Harmony, Creativity, Service, and Oneness with All of Our Relations. We aspire to inspire and activate individuals through our programs in a supportive community so that they may be a sustaining beneficial presence to themselves, to their families, to their communities, and to the world at large.  I am bountifully and infinitely grateful to Kate Rodger, founder of the MDP program and the Institute of Modern Wisdom, for her guidance and devotion to Awakening human consciousness.

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