From Eco-Despair to Loving Earth Now

Wondering what on Earth any of us can do to make a real difference in these days of economic, cultural, spiritual, and natural crises? Me, too.

This interactive playshop offers us the opportunity to explore our most immediate concerns about the dire global crises now confronting us. The temptation to blame others and/or tune out the whole mess is strong.

We’ll practice tuning into the stirrings of our hearts and souls to discover a heart-centered path to bringing a more deeply loving presence in the world.

We will explore how we may:

  • Grieve what we are losing while also honoring the Beauty of Life on Earth
  • Be even more present to the challenges we face without falling into paralyzing despair
  • Realize the power of gratitude as a tool to guide our way
  • Thrive even as we recognize the need consume more frugally
  • be more playful and creative in our work in / with / for / as the world

Playshops will be scheduled in the coming months. Email me if you have a location and want to host.

“Earth says hello..”

  © Cheryl Leutjen