Announcing the Waste-Less Holiday Special: the Love Earth Now Gift Pack

LIMITED TIME OFFER: the waste-less holiday special, the LOVE EARTH NOW GIFT PACK, is available through December 20.

Each Gift Pack includes one hand-crafted bookmark, a gift tag with the giver’s and recipient’s names, and one signed copy of Love Earth Now, wrapped in your choice of: 1) brown, compostable paper, 2) 100% recyclable wrapping paper OR (3) reusable fabric.

Just $25 (PayPal), includes Priority Mail postage (US/Canada), mailed directly to your friend, colleague or loved one
OR $15 cash (local pickup)

OFFER EXPIRES DEC. 20—OR when all supplies run out, whichever comes first.

PayPal to, including your name, recipient’s name and address in Notes. Email to confirm order receipt is recommended.

Got questions? Email Cheryl. Happy Waste-Less Holidays!



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