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Wondering what on Earth you can do about the very serious challenges we face on our planet today? Wondering if there’s anything any one person can do that will make a difference?  Wonder if you are willing to make the kinds of changes that need to be made?

Most people say that they would like to do something to make the world a better place, but they just don’t believe they have the time, energy, money or power to do anything that will make a real difference.

What if your soul knows what it is you can do?  What if you could do something that doesn’t cost you time or money you don’t have?  Are you willing to devote 20 minutes a week to find out?

Love Earth meditations give you the opportunity to tune in with your own spirit and discover how you can wake up, show up, and LOVE up this planet.

Make it personal.  Commit to communing with your own spirit with a Love Earth meditation and discover for yourself what it is for you to do.

Make it simple.  Commit to making just one change for just one week.

Make it real.  Commit to doing something that you can easily do — without spending money or time you don’t have.

One meditation.  One change.  One week.  It might not sound like much, and yet you just might find that it has huge impact — for yourself and for the world.

Sample a Love Earth meditation by calling (805) 360-1999 (Access code: 497370# Reference: 2#. 

Ready to make your Love Earth commitment?  Join the Love Earth Meditations service.  Each Monday, you will receive a new meditation, approximately twenty minutes in length, and a new opportunity to check in with your own soul.  Discover for yourself how you will engage in loving relationship with Earth, right here and right now.

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Because what we do matters….