About Me

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Geologist, environmental law attorney, small biz owner, Modern Day Priestess, creative nonfiction writer, wife, mother…this wealth of experiences affords me an integrated perspective of our place in the Universe, our purpose in being, and our relationship with our Mother Earth. I write creative nonfiction essays to share my experiences fumbling along the fine line between Earth-mindfulness and eco-madness, in the hope that my words may be of inspiration for anyone else who’s stumbling along the path of more conscientious living.

Our culture faces serious challenges on so many levels. This is no time for playing small. I create, support and facilitate personally empowering, spiritually uplifting and consciously creative experiences that reconnect us with the Truth and Divinity of who we really are,  to inspire, propel and guide us in our Life Work.

Our world is changing, and we need each other more than ever. Building community, as the principle foundation for fostering the change we want to see in the world, is a central tenet of my work. Let’s connect. Join my email list and receive a free “easing eco-angst” recorded meditation download.
Peace and blessings,

  Infuse the practical with the spiritual; see the extraordinary in the ordinary; celebrate everyday miracles.